Giving a Second Thought

Spring, an excellent time to take a break and give one another a second thought.

According to Oxford Living Dictionary online:

a second thought

  • with negative More than the slightest consideration. ‘the admiral dismissed the rumour without a second thought’

I’m writing today to encourage all of us to give life a “second thought” during this Spring season…to really look at nature, to look again at Spring in our lives, to refresh and renew our own spirits, our marriages, our futures.

I love that bulbs sit in the cold hard ground all winter, but when the sun moves into the northern hemisphere, they let us see their blooms again.

Gary and I really believe in “breaks”.  To step away and reconsider each other, to give new life to our marriage and our lives, to encourage warmth and growth.

Arcadian Getaways is designed for just that. For the two of you to step away, relax, renew and refresh.


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