It’s a Sign! Fairy Tales Do Come True!

Logan County Commissioner, Mike Pearson, calls us by the words on our sign on the gate.  It doesn’t say “Arcadian Getaways”!  The fairy tale begins at the gate with “Once Upon a Time”.  I like to set the mood as you come through the gate…your fantasy getaway is beginning.  Kind of “Leave your troubles at the door!” 

We know you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to getaway.  Babysitters, getting work done so you can leave, taking care of the pets, last but not least …following directions on the map and drive-time traffic.

So leave the world behind and come through the gate for your “Once Upon a Time”.  On your way out, the gate reminds you to “Live Happily Ever-after”  Gary and I have found that the happily ever after is a commitment.  We often reminisce about our getaways and the love we found there.  Or we wake up in the morning with “Let’s be in love like we are on a bike trip or birthday trip or an anniversary trip”   

Danna and Bob on their way out the gate. 

So Gary and I will work hard on creating the ambience of romance.  You


Love and remember to Live Happily Ever After. 

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