Leaves Bursting Forth

https://www.arcadianinn.com/wp-content/uploads/JEF_028442-300x200.jpgYou don’t want to miss Spring in the country.  As I write, we just had a very unusual spring ice storm!  Even that was a beautiful event to witness.  As the sun rose this morning over the clouds to the east, a rainbow was formed above the diamond sparkles of the trees frozen in ice.

If you never went outside, Aaron’s Gate is perfect for your private getaway but add the loveliness of God’s nature and it’s a recipe for breath-taking discoveries of beauty, new life as the earth burst forth again in the warmth of the spring.  Nights are filled with frogs carrying on beneath the twinkling stars seen clearly in the country sky.   As you can see, it can be a poetic experience.

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