Comphy Sheets

Robert & Julie just left Parrot’s Cove and came by gift shop to purchase a set of our Comphy sheets. They are almost as good as the Vanilla Butter Sauce! They are “to die for!”

What am I talking about?!

For years now our children have been playing with these luscious soft stuffed animals made of microfibers. As mothers, we swoon over the softness, holding onto those Teddy Bears for just one more cuddle!

Imagine your bed feeling that soft! It’s awesome! Glorious white sheets that are so soft that even the men are commenting. Comphy Co. sent a set for us to try and immediately Gary noticed how “nice” these sheets are. When I told our sales representative, she shared how the ladies at Comphy tho’t Mr. Howard Stern might enjoy a set too. So they sent him a set! (Gotta love it)

Comphy Sheets are just part of the New and Improved Arcadian Inn and Aaron’s Gate for you to look forward too. Add the beautiful sheets to our new Complimentary Pillow Menu and you have a bed from heaven. To see our luxury amenities, hover over “guestrooms” and click on “included luxuries” on the drop-down box.

Give our new sheets a try this Valentines!

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